Final production update. 26th of August 2021

Shipping has started!
Finally, some good news! We are happy to share that the shipping has finally started. We apologise for all the delays up to this.
The first product were shipped from our warehouse earlier today, and all shipments should be shipped between today and Tuesday next week. Our capacity is to ship 200-400 products each day. There is usually a delay of 2-3 days from when we send the shipment until customers receive their shipping number. This is because we are using all our capacity on shipping the actual products, and less capacity on updating each order with shipping numbers as this is not an automatic process.

We’re sorry for the delays –here’s what caused it
First and foremost – we are sorry for the delay that all of you have experienced and take the full responsibility for it. This was our first production in a long while and the first where we didn’t go to the factory to oversee everything (due to Covid). We have tried our best handling all the delays that came along the way, but ultimately failed to meet your expectations. We apologize again for all the delays and all the troubles this has caused you.

We are also just 5 employees in the entire company, so we have had a lot of work on our hands. This means that we have sometimes been slow with answering your emails, and we apologize for that.

We have sorted out issues with the production now so that this won't happen again in the future. Our products can now be bought on-demand as we have stock left from the production. We also have a new production under way.
We hope the customers who have bought the pre-purchase enjoys their MagiMask once it arrives!

Production update #3. 4th of August 2021

The testing of the new adhesive and the assembly of the products took way longer than expected. We are however happy to inform you that we have found an adhesive that works and has endured the tests we have conducted to check the quality. The assembly line is now removing the existing adhesive and padding and replacing it with the new and improved one. We hope there will be no more errors in production and that the shipments can be sent out from Hong Kong with our faster option in the period [19.08 - 26.08], although hopefully even sooner than this.

If you have already bought a pre-purchase of the MagiMask:
We regret to inform you that we still have not shipped your product. There have been several delays in different parts of the production, but we are ultimately responsible for this.

Please know that we are working as hard as we can to get your MagiMask done and shipped to you as fast as we can. Normally, we would follow up the production runs physically in Shenzhen, but due to Covid-19 this hasn't been possible this year. This is no excuse, and we are still responsible.

Please know that you have the right to a full refund if you want to cancel your order. If so, please send us a mail at with your order number or the email address you entered when you bought the mask, and we will cancel the order and provide the refund as fast as we can. We are just two people who handle all customer emails, so please know that it can take up to 72 working hours (not including weekends) for us to either answer or refund your order. We are working very hard to answer all the recent emails at the moment. This is an email that is sent out to all customers and is not to be considered a response to one of your emails if you have sent one. We are still responding to those emails that have been sent earlier. We thank you for your patience, and hope you'll enjoy the rest of your summer.

The new adhesive

The old defective adhesive that has now been replaced

Production update #2. 22nd of July 2021

We are very sorry to inform you about yet another delay in our production of the MagiMask. We are working our hardest to fix these problems.

Just as we were about to shrink wrap the first 500 products and have them shipped, our assembly line noticed that there was a new production error on the batch of 1500 products. After calling back the 500 first products to see if they had the same error, it was clear that also these had to be reworked.

The production error has to do with the adhesive of the face padding causing them to not sit on properly. We will not send products with bad quality, so we are taking extra time to ensure that you get the quality that you deserve. We are not a large company, and this is our only product, so all employees are fully dedicated to solving this problem.

This is our first new production of MagiMasks in two years, a lot of the production steps took more time than usual. After that came the production error of the locking mechanism, and now the production error of the face padding. These are the reasons for the two-week delay.


Production update 16th of July 2021

Production of the first 500 MagiMasks of batch 7 will be done on 21st of July, and will be shipped on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th. These products correspond to all order numbers before order #2700. The last 1500 products of batch 7 will be done the 26th of July, and shipped the following days. This corresponds to all order numbers after order #2700.

We apologise for the delay in production. We tried to have all orders ready to be shipped around the 15th-17th of July, but due to a small component being misproduced, production was delayed with more than a week. We apologise to everyone who had been looking forward to receiving their mask sooner.

Please rest assured that the 500 first products will be shipped next week. As we will focus on shipping the wares, you might receive your shipping number a few days after the product is sent, as we will have to send out the tracking numbers manually this time.  

The MagiMasks in this production will increase our number of produced masks from 15,000 to 17,000 units made totally. We are proud of having delivered so many great drone, movie and AR experiences over the years.

The next production batch (batch 8) is currently under planning.

Thank you for your patience so far!

400 of the 500 first products done

The misproduction of the small component (in the plastic bag) for the locking mechanism is what has caused the delay